Our Available Puppies.

WE HAVE Tibetan Spaniel BABIES!!!
Born Feb 2023, ready for new homes in April-May 2023!!!
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Mum, Panda, with newborn babies.


Trulore welcomed an amazing litter of Tibetan Spaniel babies in Feb 2023, 3 girls/1 boy.  
We have female puppies available to the very best of family homes ONLY, 2 gorgeous parti colour sable and white girls, and one lovely sable girl.
Tibetan Spaniels are a lovely breed, quite a small spaniel from the Toy Group.  they were bred by the monks of Tibet as a companion dog.  They have a happy, outgoing and friendly temperament and are generally very friendly with people, other dogs and pets.  They are usually a healthy breed, and many of the conditions that can effect spaniels are seen rarely, if at all, in this breed.  They are often very long lived, so expect 14-16 years of love.
The parents of our puppies hold clear eye tests.  Dad, Bing, is an Australian champion in the show ring, and Mum, Panda, is the sweetest little dog you could ever meet.
ALL of our babies are registered with Dogs Victoria, health checked(with vet certificate), vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. We supply a very thorough puppy information folder and puppy pack with each puppy.  

We are only a 'boutique' kennel and puppies are generally only available once/twice a year, if that.  
All of our dogs are welcome and sleep, inside.  They are members of our family first and foremost.  
We take placement of our puppies very seriously, so please only call if you are interested in a family member.   
Preference is given to family homes seeking a loving life-time companion, to live inside with their families, and puppies are generally only available on Limit Register(no showing/breeding), with Main Registration by negotiation to current financial members of the ANKC.
Our Tibetan puppies are $3000.
Whilst we have no problem and indeed, encourage, people interested in our wonderful breeds and perhaps in showing, obedience or other dog sports, we are not interested in placing a puppy into a situation where it will be breeding stock ONLY.  
On the other hand, if you are seriously interested in a new baby to love and cherish, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to call us for a chat.  Phone calls of genuine enquiry into current puppy listings, are most welcome.  
We are located in Churchill, Vic, 3842, 10 minutes past Morwel, in country Gippsland.

Breeder Source Number : RB100276

Puppy Microchip Numbers :953010006404353, 953010006404337.

Dogs VIC Member - 3100014138
Please contact Dogs VIC on 0397882500 to verify my long-standing Breeder membership.

Please Email trulore1@gmail.com
Or PH Kelly on 0416219313.


Available Female Puppy.

Our next litter of Golden babies is planned for around August-September 2023, available for new homes around October-November.
Prospective parents hold excellent hip, elbow, eye and heart test results.  Dad, River, has a full, clear DNA profile and these puppies will be the 4 x Great-Grandpuppies of my first wonderful Golden from 1994, Patrick(Crowlee Royal Flush CDX, 1994-2010).  
Our babies are always ANKC(DogsVic)Registered, vaccinated, wormed and m/chipped and leave us with a thorough folder of info in their puppy packs.
Prospective families must be able to come and collect their new family member, we do not send puppies blindly via pet transport.
We are in Churchill, 3842, approx 10 minutes out of Morwell, in country Vic.
Our Golden Retriever puppies are generally $4500.
Occasionally, puppies may be available from other members of our extended family, we are a large family of Golden Retriever lovers!
Please contact Kelly at trulore1@gmail.com if you would like to express interest in one of our gorgeous Golden Retriever bubs.

Puppies from a previous litter.

Flying the Collingwood colours! This is our Louie, Trulore Fly By Night.

Trust... This is Marco, aged 4 weeks...

Dominic, our adorable black and tan Longcoat Chihuahua baby looks just like a tiny Rottweiler, lol!

Our other baby girl, Longcoat Tricolour black/white/tan. Now owned by the lovely Leah.

This is Micra, Smoothcoat Chocolate and Cream, now in a wonderful new home with Xenia and Adam.

This is gorgeous little Jimmie, aged 3 1/2 weeks. Now in a wonderful home with Liema.

Handsome little Chihuahua boy, Buddy, aged 3 weeks, Tri-colour blk/tan/white. Now proudly owned by Damien and Derek.

Perrie's beautiful babies, June 2016.

Available Female Puppy- Parti colour.

Available female puppy-Sable.

Our latest litter of Chihuahua puppies arrived in March 2023! 
We currently have one black/white/tan tricolour long coat boy and one sable/white long coat girl, available to the very best of homes after 9-10 weeks of age in May 2023.

When available, our puppies come registered with DogsVic(generally on Limit, Main Reg by discussion), health-checked at 6 weeks of age, vaccinated, wormed and m/chipped.
They are ALWAYS home-raised with our 4 children in our Churchill, 3842, home, with a lot of love and cuddles and our dogs are renowned for their wonderful temperaments.
They leave us at around 8-10 weeks of age, dependant on their size, with a very thorough folder of information in their puppy packs.
Our chihuahua babies are $3500.
Please contact Kelly at trulore1@gmail.com if you are interested in one of our Chihuahua babies.

PLS NOTE- ALL Chihuahua babies fit into a teacup at some stage, but HEALTHY adult Chi's average 2-2.5kg's, so PLEASE, DO NOT EVEN ASK for a NON-EXISTANT, 'T**c*p Chihuahua'!!!

Breeder Source Number : RB100276

Puppy Microchip Numbers :956000015986746, 956000015854678
DogsVic Member Number- 3100014138
Please contact DogsVic on 0397882500 to verify my long-standing Breeder membership.

Available Male Puppy.

Nikki Marshall 02.05.2020 02:39

Good afternoon,
We are looking for a golden retriever pup to join our loving family. Can I please ask that we be put on a waiting list?

Kelly Arndt 06.05.2020 12:14

Sorry, we have no certain plans atm, you would be best contacting breeders through either DogsVic or the Dogzonline website. We do wish you luck in your search.

Jane 30.04.2020 07:01

Enquiring about your beautiful golden retrievers. Is there a waiting list we can go on please

Kelly Arndt 06.05.2020 12:15

Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the Dogzonline website would be your best places to search. Good luck.

Rianna Mckenzie 27.04.2020 09:52

I am finally moving to a large home with a big backyard that can accommodate a dog and have been dreaming of a golden for years. I would love to go on the list!

Kelly Arndt 06.05.2020 12:16

Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the Dogzonline website would be your best places to search. Good luck.

Sue 26.04.2020 12:36

Hello, Could you please add us to your waiting list for a Male Golden Retriever puppy please.

Kelly Arndt 06.05.2020 12:17

Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the Dogzonline website would be your best places to search. Good luck

Aleesha 23.04.2020 02:01

Hi there. Am I able to be placed on a waiting list for one of your retriever pups please?

Dylan 20.04.2020 07:19

Hi there, I was wondering if it were possible to be put on a waiting list for your next litter of wonderful Golden Retriever puppies.
Thank you, Dylan.

Olivia 20.04.2020 00:11

Hi i was just wondering if you have any chihuahua puppies available

Monica 13.04.2020 08:40

Hi there, I am looking to purchase a golden retriever. I have a 6 year old boy and have done research on golden retriever it’s a perfect fit for my family.

Stephanie 13.04.2020 04:46

Hi there, we are interested to be put on a waitlist for the next golden retriever puppy litter due please,

Thankyou so much

Evette 12.04.2020 10:01

Hey there, my family would love to be considered for a golden retriever puppy. My friend Jess purchased her puppy Ari from you 9 years ago and he is so beautifu


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Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the ...

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Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the ...

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