Lynne M. 10.04.2020 05:08

Hello, very interested in a female long hair chihuahua. My family have had several through the years. I love their independent spirit. Any chance you can help

Tracey 08.04.2020 04:52

I was hoping I could put in my expression of interest for your litter of Golden Retrievers that will be due around Sep/Oct please. Thankyou Tracey

Chantelle 05.04.2020 03:01

Hello! I was hoping to put in my expression of interest for a Golden a Retriever puppy if you have a littler planned for this year still. Thank you! Chantelle

Shellie 03.04.2020 05:35

Do you have a waitlist for your September/October litter of golden retrievers? We would like to be considered. Thank you.

Des Batten 04.03.2020 06:27

Hi, I am looking for a female Golden Retriever for our family and wondering if you had any pups coming soon.

Miriam 11.02.2020 16:54

Hi I’m looking to add a golden retriever to my family! How would I best go about this, especially if you are to have any future litters

Benice Woolley 30.01.2020 02:47

Hello, we would be interested in a golden retriever puppy in the 2020 litter. We have Kiss and Boz's son from a litter in 2009.He's a lovely dog. Thanks Benice

Cheryl & Robert 28.11.2019 05:11

My son & I are looking for a Short Coat Female Chihuahua puppy?
Do you have any available at the moment?

Kelly Arndt 17.01.2020 06:26

So sorry for the slow response, we have no babies planned for some time, you would be best searching on the Dogzonline website if you are still looking- Kelly.

Dave & Ae 13.10.2019 06:05

My partner and I are looking for a chihuahua and wondering if you have any puppies at the moment
Kind regards
Dave & Ae

Steve 01.10.2019 06:46

Hi Kelly,
I see that you are not expecting your next Goldie litter till 2020. Pls put me on the list for a female - we have a 12.5yo goldie now.

Adam 15.09.2019 09:00

Hi guys,
Just wondering when you are expecting a new litter or long haired chihuahuas, as we are currently looking for a Silver dapple or silver/blue puppy

Jessica 16.06.2019 23:05

Good Morning
I'm wondering if your June chi puppies have all been spoken for yet?

Kelly Arndt 25.06.2019 02:14

Hi Jessica,
Our babes are due around early July.
If you are interested, please call me on 0416219313 or email

jodee 22.05.2019 01:46

Also interested in when new puppies will be available. Thank you

Kelly Arndt 25.06.2019 02:15

Hi Jodee,
Our babes are due around early July.
If you are still looking, please call me on 0416219313 or email

Barbara Townsley 20.05.2019 06:58

When will you have puppies available?

Barbara Townsley 02.09.2019 23:52

Hi Kelly
Yes we are still looking, for a female long coat applehead puppy.
I thought I would receive an email to my inbox, that’s the reason for the delay.

Kelly Arndt 25.06.2019 02:16

Hi Barbara,
Our babies are due around early July.
If you are still looking, please call me on 0416219313 or email

Anna 15.05.2019 04:26

Hi Trulore, are you still expecting Chihuahua puppies in late June? I've previously had a beloved smooth coat, but love them all. Thanks!

Kelly Arndt 25.06.2019 02:16

Hi Anna,
Our babies are due in early July.
If you are interested, please call me on 0416219313 or email

Kim 28.04.2019 05:35

Hi there - do you have Chihuahua puppies at the moment? Looking for a long hair female of no particular colour.

Thank you...


Kelly 28.04.2019 06:21

Hi Kim,
Our next litter should be due approx end June, babies available to new homes from end August- early Sep.

Siobhan 30.03.2019 23:38

Hi, we are a couple looking to add a Golden to our family. Do you have any litters planned in the next 12 months?

Kelly Arndt 31.03.2019 03:28


Sorry, we have no plans for any Golden litters for at least a year.

I do wish you luck with your search!

Kind Regards- Kelly.

Meika 16.03.2019 09:34

Hi we are looking for a long hair tri colour chihuahua baby to join our family in Inverloch. Male or female no preference and no rush for the right one.

Kelly Arndt 31.03.2019 03:29

Hi, Meika,
Sorry for the slow reply, we will not be expecting any babies born for at least several months, but best of luck with your search!

Elicia Johnson 14.03.2019 10:27

Hello- interested when next chihuahua litter is due? Looking for a long haired black and tn girl to join our family - mum, dad, 16 & 14 yrs old and little Pom

Kelly Arndt 31.03.2019 03:30

Hi, Elicia,
Sorry for the slow response, we have been away.
We will not be expecting to have babies available for probably 6 months or more.

Dianne 23.01.2019 19:11

Hi lm looking a new family, love the chocolate or tan and black Chihuahuas. I'm in no rush to find the right little girl.
Desexed full grown is ok. 😊 Di

Linda 05.12.2018 11:14

Hi I’m interested in a chihuahua puppy, can I please get the price you sell them for, also when you may have some available .

Tammy 25.11.2018 10:37

Hi there,
We are looking to a buy a golden retriever puppy for our family of four.
Do you have any available?
Thank you.

Emily 08.11.2018 19:41

Hi Kelly,
We are interested in a chihuahua pup. Could you please keep us in mind with the new litter?
Kind Regards,

Tahnesha 18.10.2018 09:55

Hi I am interested in a puppy could you kindly advise if any are or will be available , any room on the waiting list? interested in prices and terms etc thanks

Kelly 18.10.2018 14:01

Sorry, Which breed, Tahnesha?
Our Chi babies are $2500, Golden babies are $3000, generally on Limit Reg, Main to current ANKC members only, by agreement.

Kelly 18.10.2018 13:57

We are not expecting Chihuahua babies for at least another 6 months, sorry, but will be expecting a litter of Golden babies at the end of this month.

Sarah Corcoran 17.10.2018 07:09

Hi Kelly,
We’re interested in adding a new member to our family. I see you may be expecting golden puppies later this month. Do they all have homes already?

Kelly 18.10.2018 14:03

Hi Sarah,
I have not allocated names as yet. We generally place pups to family(pet)homes within Vic.
Pls email to go on my waiting list.

Ros Barber 09.10.2018 03:12

Hi Kelly! I messaged you on facebook but just incase you see this first - I would love to be added to the waiting list for a golden retriever pup.

Kelly 18.10.2018 14:06

Hi Ros, I have messaged you, I can certainly add you to my list to speak to when our Golden babies are here.

Andrea Cumming 07.10.2018 09:11

Hi Kelly,
are you able to provide hip/elbow scores and eye certificates on breeding golden retrievers, and is there a waiting list on the current/future litters

Andrea 07.10.2018 10:04

Thanks for your reply, could you please supply me with a hip score for both bitch and dog. also is there a waiting list on litters?

Kelly 07.10.2018 09:58

Our Goldens have all had hip/elbow/eye and heart tests completed prior to breeding.
Yes, a waiting list applies to every ANKC breeder I know.

Kelly 07.10.2018 09:56

Hi, Yes, every ANKC Golden Retriever breeder must submit hip scores prior to registering a litter, so they should always be able to supply that info.

Ally 21.09.2018 13:20

Hi there!
We were enquiring as to whether you would have any Golden Retriever litters due soon? We are looking for a young companion for our older dog. Ally

Kelly 21.09.2018 16:49

Hi Ally,

We are hoping to have puppies due around the end of October.

Please check back in a few weeks, when we will know for sure if we have a pregnancy.

Betty 21.09.2018 11:38

Hi Kelly,
My partner and I have been looking for a golden baby to join our growing family. We are wondering if you have any upcoming litters. Thank you!

Kelly 21.09.2018 16:52

Hi Betty,

We are waiting to confirm our girl's pregnancy.

All being well, we should be expecting puppies around the end of Oct.

Pls check back in a few wks.

Penny Waites 10.09.2018 07:19

Hi Kelly,
My family would love to be considered if you have a litter of Golden Retriever Puppies available this year. Please let me know if you need more info.

Penny Waites 22.09.2018 04:18

HI Kelly- no probs. I will check back in a few weeks. Good luck with he puppies! Cheers, Penny

Kelly 21.09.2018 16:54

Hi Penny,
Apologies for the slow reply.
if you are still looking, pls check back with us in a few weeks, when we will know if we are expecting babies in Oct. :-

lucy 05.09.2018 10:29

hi, i'm interested in a golden retriever do you have any.

Naomi 21.08.2018 00:58

Hi Kelly. I am interested in a Black and Tan long coat chihuahua. I met a little pup of yours just yesterday, owned by Kathy Bury, and fell in love with him.

Kelly 25.08.2018 04:16

Hi Naomi, Thank you for your kind words.
We have no Chi puppies planned until next year, probably around April.
You may like to check on Dogzonline?
Good luck

Matthew 17.08.2018 10:02

I was wondering if you have any Chihuahua pups? Or when you might have some? I really need a little friend right now.

Kelly 25.08.2018 04:17

Hi Mathew, not until around April next year.
You may like to check the listings on the Dogzonline website?
Good Luck!X

Janet Holbrook 10.08.2018 23:23

Hi Kelly,
We got a Goldie from you 8 years ago. Aspen or 'Trulore Baby it's cold outside' We'd love another pup to keep him company in his dotage.

Kelly 11.08.2018 03:28

Hi Janet,
I remembered your name, how are you?!
I am waiting on a girl who is due in season, I could def keep you in mind?
Pls Email me,

Anthony 29.07.2018 07:34

Hi Kelly. Just wanted to know how your Golden Retriever litter was going? My wife and I are keen to add a golden coloured male to our family.

Kelly 11.08.2018 09:12

I will certainly keep you in mind, and do feel free to check back in a month, when I will hopefully know more.

Anthony 11.08.2018 07:12

Can you keep us in mind if and when she has the babies. We are really keen to get a puppy. My wife has been dreaming of a golden retriever since she was a kid

Kelly 11.08.2018 03:29

Still waiting on our girl to come into season, she is due any day.

Haylee Stevens 05.05.2018 04:19

Hi Kelly, do you have Deerhead Chihuahuas at all? I'm extremely interested in a pup

Kelly Arndt 05.05.2018 07:26

Hi Haylee, 'Deerhead' is actually a moniker for an incorrect head type, as the standard calls for an apple-domed skull. I rarely have the longer type, sorry.

Rhonda Carlin 14.04.2018 07:14

Hi Kelly
I contacted you via sms a few weeks ago, still keen for a puppy. Hope the new expected litter is going well.
Regards Rhonda Carlin

Michelle 02.04.2018 09:14

Hi Kelly
I realise I'm very early, but I'd like to put my name down for any pups becoming available from August.
Thank you

Tamielle Nichol 10.12.2017 11:28

Hi, do you have any Chihuahua puppies available?

Charlotte 09.10.2017 08:19

Do you have any litters planned for goldens? I'd really like to add a white female to our family :)

Kelly 09.10.2017 14:06

Hi Charlotte,
I recently had my first litter of Goldens in six years, but all are spoken for, sorry.
Dogzonline is the best place to research breeders/puppies.

Chelsea 23.09.2017 04:43

Hi, in regards to your next litter of chihuahua puppies what price do your babies generally sell for?

Kelly 24.09.2017 05:35

Hi Chelsea,
Our Limit register babies are generally $2000, Main Reg babies are $2200.

Tina Pacheco 04.09.2017 09:53

Hi Kelly
My family and I have our hearts set on a smooth coat golden/tan female. Would you have any available? Or due soon?

Traci Edwards 10.08.2017 03:52

Hi Kelly,
I got my golden boy 6 years ago from you and he is just beautiful. I am so glad you are breeding goldens again. All the best.

Kelly. 10.08.2017 11:26

Hi Traci,
Thanks so much, so glad to hear your boy is a much-loved member of your family!
We are looking forward to the pitter-patter of little Golden paws...!

Gina Lim 02.12.2016 10:20

Hi. I'm after a long haired female chihuahua. Do you have any litters or are expecting any in the new year. Would it be possible to be put on the waiting list.

Naomi 27.08.2016 12:23

Hi I was just wondering if you have any chihuahua puppies left? 0409699450

Renee 20.05.2016 16:05

Hi Kelly
We have a girl maltese at home and looking for another baby girl to join her. Preferring long coat.
Give us a call on 0434023915

Gayle Simms 12.05.2016 08:08

Hi Kelly its Gayle here we spoke a few weeks ago about the chihuahua litter due mid May - we'd love to talk to you when they arrive! It's 0400589909 thank you!

Sue Andrews 07.05.2016 22:16

Hi Kelly. I am looking for a chihuahua puppy. I had one growing up and have always wanted to get one.

Kelly 08.05.2016 07:20

Hi Sue,
Our next litter is due in this week. You would be welcome to check back with me, and if I have a puppy that may suit, we could chat then- Regards-Kelly.

b 15.03.2016 09:01

Hi there, was wondering if you still bred golden retreivers? if not, if you could reccommend any good breeders? Thank you! :)

Kat 19.02.2016 08:50

Hi!! We're currently looking at hopefully adding a new baby to our family! Hopeful for a long haired chihuahua! Would like more information if possible. Thanks!

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