sezer 18.02.2016 00:59

hi i am interested female golden retriever. could you plz contact me thanks

Gina Lim 15.11.2015 11:47

Hi. I am interested in a female Longhaired Chihuahua. Could you please contact me so I can discuss more in detailed. Looking at getting one in early 2016.

Lee-Anne 09.09.2015 05:48

Hi Kelly, just wanting to inquire about Aleta's puppies as I would love to have a new family member. Could you send me an email with details please.

Cheryl-Lyn Noble 28.08.2015 12:57

Hi we are looking for a shealtie to join our family around December ( though October would be good too) for our 12 year old daughter. We would like a girl.

Elissa 18.08.2015 06:30

I'm friends with Liema, parent of Jimmie & Dolly. I was wondering when you are due to have next Chi bubs? I'd love to go on waiting list 4 girl 0408 100 597.

olivia 24.04.2015 04:53

hello, I'm interested in buying a Chihuahua, i just wanted to get some extra details? shoot me an email PLEASEE!!

Kelly. 24.04.2015 05:10

Hi Olivia,
I have 2 litters due over the next 2wks and am expecting both long and smooth coats of various colours, predominantly tri-colour.
PH 0416219313.

Jade 22.04.2015 08:20

Hi im after a purebred Chihuahua, I currently have a 2 1/2 year old male at home and wanting to get him a friend

Kelly. 22.04.2015 09:14

Hi Jade,

You didn't leave me your contact details? I have 2 litters due within the next 2 weeks. If you are interested, pls call me on 0416219313- Kelly.

Cheryl 10.02.2015 08:58

HI,Interested in an older female Chiuhauha I live In Mount Gambier S.A. will
pay freight.

Ann Kaufmann 22.07.2014 11:29

i I am interested in a female chihuahua. I have always had female animals. My Poppy passed away two years ago at the age of 14 years. How much are your pups?

Jackie 14.05.2014 17:54

I am really interested in a Chihuahua, sex does not phase me, and seems like all your current babies have found homes, I was wondering how often you breed them?

leanne 03.05.2014 13:49

I am after a female chihuahua pup for my mother in law her dog recently passed away also how much are you dogs

Jason 16.02.2014 19:20

Hi im very interested in a female chihuahua pup, but I'm looking for in particular a very very small girl, please email

Bella 05.11.2013 09:29

I'm looking at your Chihuahua boy, buddy. And I'm just wondering if this pup is still available? I've been looking everywhere for a black/tan long coat.

Kelly Arndt 05.11.2013 12:03

Hi Bella,
Buddy has found a new home, but I do have a new litter inc a black and tan boy. Coat colour is hard to tell yet. If interested, pls ph 0351275155.

Offy 05.11.2013 08:26

Hi Kelly,
Have you still got Chihuahua babies Female available I wold like to get one if you still have.
Thank you

Jane and Brett 21.10.2013 08:22

Marcel is nearly 1 already. He is a lovely boy, so affectionate and we cannot imagine our home without him, love him madly. Hope Ezmerelda is doing well

Katherine 19.06.2013 12:37

HI, im am looking for a female Chihuahua puppy, hope to hear from you soon.

Rebecca 17.06.2013 05:41

Hi there,
Just wondering if you have any chihuahua puppies available at the moment?
Hope to hear from you soon

Suriya 28.03.2013 12:48

Hi there ! Wally is getting along so well! We love him so much!! He is getting bigger and bigger and a personality to match! Alison , Suriya & Wally

Kelly Arndt 30.03.2013 04:43

Thanks Alison and Suriya! So glad to hear our(your) darling Wally is doing so well! We think of him often and can't wait to get a few pics as he grows up!XOX!

Andrea and Daniel Stiles 29.07.2012 15:37

Thank you soooooooooooo much for our latest bundle of joy Lachlan :) he is settling really well and spends all day long playing with his new big brother Oreo

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