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Written by Jane on 22. Jan, 2019

Hi There,

I just wanted to share a picture of my beautiful Ollie. He is Boz's grandson, his mother is Trulore Lucy With Diamonds. He is the most wonderful boy, I've loved looking through your page.



Written by Jessica on 27. Sep, 2018

Hello Kelly
My family will be very interested in owning one of your future Chihuahua bubs when our lab boy gets a bit older. Id love to know how often your Chi pups come about so we can plan!

Written by John Finn on 9. Sep, 2018


We are a family in Melbourne looking for a female Golden Retriever puppy as soon as one is available.
We have been looking for a while and have had a recommendation about your dogs.
We have an older, placid dog and older children and would be delighted to have a Goldie join our family.

Can we visit your place at any stage?

Please let me know what is possible.

Kind regards


Written by Sylvia Hahn on 3. Jul, 2016

Hi Kelly, yesterday I fell in love with a lovely natured little dog. I found out that it was a Shetland Sheepdog. When I got home I started to research these little gorgeous criatures and found your website.
I don't own a dog at the moment as I work full time. I am planning to retire in a couple of years and will get a small dog then. That has been my plan for years as dogs would feel very lonely if left alone all day. My time will come once I retire. I have viewed your website and I am impressed by the way you say you treat all your four legged children. When the time comes and if you still have this business I will contact you to find out about the availability of a shelty baby. I live in Perth but that will be no obstacle I hope.
Best regards

Written by Mario on 28. Feb, 2015

I enjoyed viewing your website... Thank you.

Written by Janet Holbrook on 20. Jan, 2013

Hi Kelly, I'd like to let you know that 'Aspen' (Trulore Baby it's cold outside)
is the spitting image of 'Boz' he is intelligent, loyal and the softest boy ever and we love him SO much. Thankyou for him. He attempted to be a father last year but to no avail (not his fault)..would have loved a baby Aspen.

Written by Michelle on 13. Jul, 2012

Hi Kelly, just stumbled across your website and thought I would just let you know our beautiful Holly (Trulore Stars in her Eyes) is just the most wonderful girl, we are so lucky to have got her from you all those years ago!
I think she is turning 8 this year and still acts like a puppy. She is truly an amazing dog and everyone who meets her loves her beautiful nature and perfect manners. I will send you a pic when I get a more recent one.

Written by caroline on 3. Jul, 2012

I am looking for a golden retriever puppy. Would you know any options for me.
Thank you

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