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First contact is preferred via Email.  Please contact Kelly at
If I have puppies, or a prospective litter to discuss, I will then be more than happy to chat over a phone call.🙂


Feel free to stop by(we would love it if you were to 'Like' us!), or if you leave me a message, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enquiries regarding our beautiful dogs, future litters and/or availability of puppies, are always welcome.🙂

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Latest comments

25.12 | 21:25

Hi kelly, i have a male retriever from your litter in 2011. I was wondering if your looking to have a retriever litter in future? I would love to be on a List.

06.05 | 12:17

Sorry, we have no plans for any litters at this moment. DogsVic or the Dogzonline website would be your best places to search. Good luck