Dedicated owners and conscientious occasional ANKC breeders of Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas and Tibetan Spaniels, our first litter was born in 2003. 
All of our Goldens were bred from a line proudly headed by our gorgeous boy, Crowlee Royal Flush C.D.X.(Patrick).

Ours is a small, boutique kennel raising our dogs as family members. 
We breed only on occasion and also have a large, extended family of Golden Retriever enthusiasts, who also may have ANKC registered babies, occasionally available to loving family homes.

We show and compete in competitive obedience trials and are involved in obedience and breed clubs.  We are situated on several acres in Churchill, approximately 10 minutes out of Morwell in country Gippsland, Vic, and around 1 1/2 hours from Melbourne.
Enquiries into the wonderful Golden Retriever breed are always welcome. 
We are also owned by our wonderful Chihuahua, Roy, Australian Champion Hollychi Right Royal Charlie, and members of our family occasionally breed this wonderful breed also.
My sister and my niece are Chihuahua enthusiasts and most of my family own either Golden Retrievers or Chihuahuas!

Please email or call 0351601422/0416219313 with any enquiries. 

For available puppies, please check our 'Puppies' page.

Thank you for visiting my website, Have a Golden Day!


Hi, Welcome to 'Trulore'!

Mon & Mike 25.12.2020 21:25

Hi kelly, i have a male retriever from your litter in 2011. I was wondering if your looking to have a retriever litter in future? I would love to be on a List.

El 21.03.2020 05:15

Hi there, I am looking for a Golden Retriever puppy. Do you have any plans of having any litters this year? Thanks :)

Mary 02.01.2020 06:45

Hi I am looking to see if you have any french bulldog puppies? If so, Can i meet the mother and father? When is the next litter available?

Kelly Arndt 17.01.2020 06:25

Hi, Sorry, we have no plans for any more Frenchie babies for the foreseeable future.
Try the Dogzonline website, it is the best Pedigree site to search.

Andrea 06.10.2019 08:18

Hello, I’m wondering if you have or will have any Chihuahuas Pups ?

Traci Edwards 06.08.2019 02:55

Hi Kelly, could you please keep me posted if you have a litter of golden retrievers. I have one of yours and my son would like to buy a girl. Thanks Traci

Kelly Arndt 06.08.2019 03:06

Hi Traci, I can do, but I do not have any litters planned for at least a year.Xx

Rebecca Claessen 13.07.2019 13:05

Hi i would like to now if u are having any golden puppies this year as we are looking for a girl golden to be a playmate with my other girl golden

Catherine O’Hagan 17.05.2019 06:40

Hi, I am looking to buy a female Tibetan spaniel Puppy or slightly older girl. Thanks.

Jess 05.03.2019 08:43

hello! do you have any chihuahuas available right now?

Chhun Tan 15.02.2019 09:21

Do you have any tibetan spaniel this year and what price please.

Melissa 30.10.2018 10:36

Hello, looking for a female Golden Retriever puppy, to be a well trained & much-loved family pet. We work & school from home, so would have lots of company!